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Food Menu


Dayalu (V)

Deep-fried potato pate made with lentils & spinach, served with mint & coriander sauce.


Vegetable Momo cha (V, *, G, SO, SE)

Homemade steamed dumpling filled with herbs and finely chopped vegetables served with homemade tomato & sesame achaar (dipping sauce).


Payzi Pakora (V)

Sliced onions mixed with vegetables, spices, fried and served with homemade mango sauce.


Yogi Walau (V,D,M,SE)

Barbecued diced home-made cheese in medium hot spices with fresh herbs, ginger and garlic.


Nakese (*,D,M,SE)

Spicy strips of barbecued chicken on a bamboo skewer, Served with a Gurkha’s special spicy sauce.


Choyala (*,M)

Diced Barbecued Lamb in charcoal with hot spice, garlic & ginger.


Tareko Squid (G,D,C)

Delicately spiced squid with herbs, deep-fried.


Momo Cha (*,G,SE,SO)

Our hand made steamed dumplings filled with herbs and minced lamb served with homemade tomato & sesame achaar (dipping sauce). Street snacks from Kathmandu.


Chulli (Clay - Oven)

Khumbu Charmri (V,M,N)

Roasted cottage cheese diced, filled with coconut and fresh mint.


Shangri-La Chicken (D,M)

Delicate and succulent diced chicken breast marinated with a tinge of saffron and Nepalese ground spices, barbecued in a clay oven.


Gurkhali Chicken (D,M)

Diced chicken marinated for hours in green chili, ginger and fresh herbs.


Sherpa Lamb (D,M)

Tender pieces of boneless lamb cooked with mild spices.


Maccha (D,M)

Fresh salmon marinated in fresh herbs then barbecued on a charcoal flame.


Prawn Soonkoshi (D,C,M)

King prawns cooked in delicate spices and exotic flavours.


Main Dishes (Poultry)

Tarai Chicken (N,D,M)

Tender pieces of chicken prepared in ginger and served in a distinguished sauce, infused with coconut, and fresh herbs and a secret ingredient.


Rara Chicken (N,D,M)

Barbecued chicken in a mild tomato sauce topped with cream and almond.


Khasar Chicken (N,D)

Tender pieces of chicken breast delicately flavoured with saffron and pan-fried in coconut milk.


Khorshani Chicken (SO,***)

Another famous dish, tender pieces of chicken with green chilies, tomato, onion, green pepper in herbs and spices.



Delicately flavoured chicken with fresh herbs cooked in tomato and garlic sauce.


Rana Chicken (N,D,*)

Barbecued breast of chicken in a tomato sauce with herbs and cream, medium hot and sweet.


Main Dishes (Meat)

Pokhareli Lamb (D)

The classic richly spiced lamb dish from Western Nepal.


Pahadi Lamb (SO,***)

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in onions and tomato sauce, green chillies and curry leaves.


Mayur Lamb (D,*)

The most popular dish of southern Nepal: a rich hot and sour taste, prepared with tamarind and lemon.


Mayalu Lamb (N,D)

Tender pieces of lamb prepared in a mild sauce blended with fresh cream to create a delicate flavour.


Khasi Tang (D)

Knuckles of spring lamb cooked for hours at low heat to create a distinctive taste, served with our own special sauce, chickpeas and fresh coriander, a delight you can't afford to miss!!


Sunsari Pork (SO ***)

Our own highly popular pork dish form Eastern Nepal.


Kathmandu Pork (D)

Tender and succulent pork slowly cooked with medium hot spicy sauce with fresh coriander.


Main Dishes (Seafood)

Munillo Maccha (N,D,C)

Fillet of salmon cooked in cream, cashew nut and coconut blended together with a touch of saffron to create a unique flavour.


Prawn Asworya (D,C)

King Prawns cooked in garlic, fresh coriander, tomato and very special spices. Favoured by young princes for their romantic nights out. They say it had secret powers.


Prawn Raja Rani (D,C)

King size prawns cooked with fresh herbs and medium spices onion sauce.




Steamed Basmati Rice.


Rashilo Bhat (D)

Rice cooked with bay leaf, cardamom and garnished with brown onion.


Bhuteko Bhat (SE & SO)

Fried rice with vegetables and egg.


CHOW - CHOW (Noodles)

Chow-Chow (SO,D,G)

Freshly made noodles delicately prepared according to traditional Nepalese recipe. Choice of: Lamb/Chicken/Vegetable.


Vegetable Dishes

Hariyo Miss Mass (D)

Seasonal vegetables curry in with ginger and garlic.


Daal of the Day

Various lentils prepared in a special pot served with tempered fresh ginger and garlic.


Gurkha Aloo

Diced potatoes delicately prepared in turmeric and cumin seeds.(Gurkhas favourite).


Chayo-Ko-Tarkari (D)

Stir fried button mushrooms with green peas and crushed coriander seeds.


Aloo Broccoli (D)

Broccoli and potatoes cooked in onion and tomato sauce.


Dhahi Bhanta (D)

Aubergine marinated in yoghurt, cooked fresh to our very own recipe.


Palungo Sag

Fresh spinach sautéed tempered with fenugreek seeds, chopped garlic of full goodness and delicious. A Nepali favourite.


Pasa chamri (D)

Pan fried home -made cheese (paneer) cooked with green peas in onion sauce.


Tofu (*, N)

Homemade cumin flavoured tofu prepared in ginger and served with spinach sauce, infused with coconut and fresh herbs.


Piro Tofu (***)

Homemade cumin flavoured tofu cooked in onion & tomatoes sauce, green paper and green chillies.


Chana -Ko-Tarkari (*)

Chick peas (Chana) sautéed tempered with cumin seeds and cooked with tomato & onion sauce.




Guliyo Roti (N,D,G)

Self-raising flour bread cooked with raisins and nuts.


Patina Patre (G,D)

Chapati Wheat bread with fresh mint.


Piro Bread (D,G,**)

Spicy bread, very popular in Nepal.


Nepali Bread (D,G)

Self-raising flour bread freshly baked in our clay oven.


Garlic Bread (D,G)

Self-raising flour bread with fresh garlic baked in our clay oven.


Nepali Roti (G)

Chapati Wheat thick bread.




Plain Yoghurt.


Golveda Ko Achar (SE, *)

Fresh tomato pickle prepared in coriander, garlic and sesame seeds.


Newari Achar (***)

Fresh vegetables pickle prepared in lemon and chilly sauce (Hot & Sour).


Guliyo Achar

Sweet mango pickle prepared to our own recipe.


Tamarind Achar

Home made sweet and sour tamarind pickle.


Spicy Prawn Crackers (C)

Spicy Prawn crackers served with mango sauce.



Allergy Info: Please speak to your server regarding any dietary requirements or allergies.

Key Notes:

Our menu uses the following marked to help you understand our ingredients.

  • Dishes marked N are cooked with NUTS
  • Dishes marked V are suitable for VEGETARIANS
  • Dishes marked * are MEDIUM HOT
  • Dishes marked ** are HOT
  • Dishes marked *** are VERY HOT
  • Dishes marked G contain GLUTEN
  • Dishes marked D contain DAIRY
  • Dishes marked C contain CRUSTACEANS
  • Dishes marked M contain MUSTARD
  • Dishes marked EG contain EGG
  • Dishes marked SO contain SOYA
  • Dishes marked SE contain SESAME SEEDS
Dessert Menu

Desserts & Liqueurs

Dudilo Kera

Deep fried strips of banana served with dark rum and cardamom flavoured white sauce


Karauni - Speciality

Traditional Nepalese dessert produced from milk in slow and gentle heat to produce a unique flavour (no other place produce`s the same).



lemon - mango


Holy Sweet (n)

Crispy pastry filled with carrot fudge.



Vanilla - Chocolate - honey & ginger


Hot Drinks

Tea (English Breakfast)


Herbal Tea / Jasmine / Peppermint / Green / Camomile


Nepali Chiya


Liqueur Coffee

All served with 25 ml liqueur



Fresh Coffee









£3.50 (dbl £3.00)

Hot Chocolate


Recommended after Dinner digestifs

All measures are 25 / 50 ml glass


7 years old
12 years old

£4.95 / £6.95
£4.95 / £8.95

Remy Martin - VSOP

£4.95 / £7.95

HENNESSY - Very special

£4.95 / £7.45



£4.75 / £6.95

XO - chateau de TARIQUET

amille Grassa

£4.95 / £8.50



£4.25 / £7.50

WINE (Glass 100ml) Muscat de Frontignan - Chateau la PEYRADE Glass



All measures are 50ml glass.

Grand marnier - Cointreau - Bendictine - Drambuie - Tequila - Sambuca - Amaretto - Cherry brandy Bailey`s - Tia Maria - Galliano - Southern comfort



All measures are 100ml glass.

Selected HOUSE PORT - Ruby Glass



Reserve wood matured 20% abv Glass


Drinks Menu


50 ml

Sweet and Dry Sherry



Sweet red wine with Gin and orange zest






Aperol or Campari Spritz (Aperol or Campari with Prosecco)



25 ml / 50 ml

Scotch Whisky - Irish Whisky - Canadian Club

£3.25 / £5.25

Bourbon - Jack Daniels

£3.95 / £6.95


£3.95 / £5.95

All mixers 125ml


Malt Whisky - Glenfiddich

£3.95 / £6.95


£3.95 / £5.95

White and Dark Rum

£3.95 / £5.95


Gurkha's (Nepalese) 4.8%v vol                                                                                   

 660ml / £6.25

Cobra (India)4.8%v vol                                                                                   

 660ml / £6.25

Low alcohol 0.1% vol                                                                                     

3300ml / £3.95

Sweet and Dry cider 5.0% vol                                                                                 

275ml / £4.25


Pint / half Pint

£5.95 / £3.50

(IPA) Malabar

Pint / half Pint

£5.95  / £3.50

Soft Drinks

Mineral Water (Still & Sparkling)

33cl / £2.95
75cl Bottle / £4.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Lemonade, Ginger Ale


Pineapple Juice


Lassi - Sweet


Tonic and Soda Water


Orange Juice


Mango Lassi


Sparkling Wine

Prosecco Spumante DOC Extra Dry

Villa Domiziano, Italy Pure and energised o the nose wiht gentle yet enticing orchard fruit and flavours of spiced apple and fresh cream. Clean, mineral finish with a light fizz. The palate has a lovely soft texture, mildly sweet with a touch of peach on the finish and great balance.

Glass / Bottle
£7.25 / £29.25

Aperol or Campari Spritz

Aperol or Camapari with Prosecco


Wine by the Glass


Trebbiano Marche IGT - Moncaro, Italy

Yellow straw colour; intense, fruity and flowery bouquet with hints of white spring flowrs and scnet of exotic fruit: smooth fresh and gentle on the palate

Glass / Bottle
£6.25 / £20.75


Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon IGT - Moncaro, Italy

Ruby red colour with purple tints; intense, fruity and fragrant bouquet with hint of wild berries. Sapid and harmonic on the plate.

Glass / Bottle
£6.25 / £20.75


Linard Gontier Brut

Lovely light yellow colour with a mix of white fruits and floral notes on the nose. The palate displays fullness nd vinosity. A nice dry Champagne to serve well-chilled as an aperitif.



Domaine d`Estienne Rose`-Provence, France

This refreshing Rose` has a subtle, understand salmon-pink colour with bluish tints.

Glass / Bottle
£6.75 / £24.25

White Wines

Pinot Griogio delle Venezie - Ardesia, Italy

Light, straw colour. Fine, elegant, clean and intense in aroma. Dry to taste with a pleasant green apple aftertaste.

Glass / Bottle
£6.60 / £22.75

Picpoul de Pinet AOC Languedoc – Guillaume de Guers, France

Lemony zing and sublet, floral notes with hints of ripe, juicy pear. Bone dry to taste. Great match with seafood, vegetarian dishes.


Sauvignon Blanc – U by Undurraga, Chile

Pale colour with green tones. Fruity, floral and exciting. Perfect to accompany salads, fish, seafood and cold meats.


Gavi DOCG ‘Mezzana’ – Dezzani, Italy

Light straw yellow colour with a greenish hue. Delicate aromas on the nost, with hints of peach, almond and blossom. Fresh, with a touch of minerality on the finish.


Sauvignon Blanc, Malborough – Willow’s End, New Zealand

Grassy on the nose, with tropical and gooseberry flavours on the palate.


Chenin Blanc – Cherry Tree Hill, South Africa

Refreshing and crisp with hints of tropical fruit salad, pineapple and lemon on the nose. A zesty finish, with a lingering sensation of wild honey.


Gewürztraminer DOC Alto Adige – St Michele Eppan, Italy

Wonderfully aromatic with notes of fine spices, cloves and gentle hints of roses and lychee.


Petit Chablis AC – Domaine de Oliveira, France

Smooth and crispy clear texture. Rich in grilled orange peel scent along with notes of raisins and figs. It is a well balanced wine with an unforgettable taste.


Pouilly Fuisse AOC – Arthur Barolet et Fils, France

Bright green-gold appearance. On the nose it has hints of spices, quince and a touch of minerality. On the palate, it is a powerful and well-balanced wine. Vivid notes and a buttery hint on the finish.


Sancerre AOC – Domaine Curot, France

Dry and fruity on the nose with citrus fruits. Notes of tropical fruit on the palate including peach, mango and ripe apricot.


Red Wines

Merlot IGP Pays d’Oc – Domaine Grauzan, France

Ruby colour and a bouquet of lightly cooked soft fruit, this regional wine is a delight with its delicate aroma of peppers and well blended tannins.

Glass / Bottle
£6.60 / £22.50

Carmenère – Viña Undurraga, Chile

Elegantly perfumed aroma. Fresh and very floral on the palate accompanies fish, seafood and oriental dishes.


Malbec Estate – Don Manuel Villafañe, Argentina

Elegantly perfumed aroma. Fresh and very floral on the palate accompanies fish, seafood and oriental dishes.


Reserva Pinot Noir – Aliwen, Chile

This wine is a red colour of medium intensity. The bouquet reveals fresh cherries and berries. Succulent on the palate, fresh and has good acidity.


Rioja Viuda Negra, Crianza – Javier San Pedro Ortega, Spaine

Attractive cherry red colour. On the nose, the wine has aromas of ripe black berry fruits with a touch of spices and leather. A balanced acidity which gives the wine a fine and elegant character. The palate is well structured, full - bodied, with well integrated tannins. Long elegant finish.


Shiraz – Witt’s End, Australia

This wine is packed with aromas of spices, blackberries, vanilla and liquorice. Dry and soft to taste with full and pleasing length.


Chateau David Beaulieu, Bordeaux Superieur AC, Freane

The Merlot dominated wine is beautifully deep and elegant with complex red berry aromas well balanced, fruity with lovely balance.


Codes du Rohne Aoc 'Les Aulieres'

Blend of Genacha & Syrah from South of France, rich bodied with lovely chocolate notes and spices. 


Fine Wine List


Chablis 1er Cru AC – Domaine de Oliveira, France

Smooth clear texture with a golden yellow colour with slight green hints. A discrete and subtle nose of grapefruit, pear and white peach. Presents sweeter, clayey, spiced and mineral flavours. This wine has a harmoniious, well-balanced and full bodied.


Pouilly Fuisse AOC – Arthur Barolet et Fils, France

Bright green-gold appearance. On the nose it has hints of spices, quince and a touch of minerality. On the palate, it is a powerful and well-balanced wine. Vivid notes and a buttery hint on the finish.



Nuits Saint Georges AOC – Arthur Barolet et Fils, France

Ruby colour and a bouquet of lightly cooked soft fruit, this regional wine is a delight with its delicate aroma of peppers and well blended tannins.


Châteauneuf du Pape AOP – Domaine La Milliere, France

Lovely ruby red colour with great intensity. Very expressive ripe red and black fruit on the nose with floral aromas and fresh notes of loquirice in particular. The beautifully full, silky mouth - feel has elgant minerality with refined and melted tannins. The very aromatic finish is highlighted by spicy freshness of liquorice again.


Zinfandel ‘Old Vine’ – Stonehedge, California

Jammy flavoursof plum and cherry framed by spice and a subtle hint of mocha. Its beautiful fruit front is balanced against supply yet firm tannins and just the right touch of vanilla oak. Rich lush fruit with a pleasant finish.


Saint Emilion Grand Cru – Château Louvie, France

Rich, concentrated, slightly meaty black fruits of the forest, dense blackcurrants and plums. Well balanced, great length and very smooth.


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